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With the Building Construction Technologies cuirriculum at the Gallen center studens will gain valuable, hands-on experience working on a variety of construction projects. They will learn the necessary skills to begin a career in the construction industry, or proceed to a two-year technical, or four-year college.
Students will practice building items for local businesses and customers all while working within the fully equipped construction facility here at the Career Center. When students are not workin on sheds of local customers or non-profit organizations, they also work on other projects such as:
Remodeling different sections of homes, Decks, porches & patios, custom cabinetry, re-staining benches.
This is the first year of a two-year sequence of courses designed to teach students the basics of residential construction and help them explore career opportunities in the construction industry. The first semester focuses on job site safety as well as identifying and using tools safely and correctly.
Design and construction of floor systems, framing walls, and roofing systems will also be reviewed and practiced during the first year. Students will have the opportunity to construct modular homes in an indoor friendly environment. They will also work on a handful of other projects such as sheds and the construction of smaller structures.
Students who have a serious interest in the construction industry will find this second year course gives them the skills to enter the job market, and also prepares them to go on to a two, or four-year college program in a construction related field. The class will work together on larger structures using hand tools and power tools.
During the second year students will have the opportunity to complete their 10-hour OSHA®Safety Certification online. They may also choose to complete the National Metal Building Contractor’s Training course and test online to earn this credential. Both of these certifications are valuable credentials for students to add to their portfolio as they enter the work force.
With 13.8 million jobs available in the “Architecture and Construction pathway, there are a variety of careers students can prepare themselves for with the Building Construction Technologies course. Students who successfully complete this two year course will have the skills and hands-on experience to confidently gain entry level positions within the field of Construction.
  • Carpenter
  • Estimator
  • Contractor
  • Construction Sales
  • Concrete Worker
  • Form Carpenter
  • Building Inspector
  • Steel Erector
  • Home Inspector